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Photo Collage of BrianaI am a proud parent of Briana and she has been attending Sityodtong LA for over three years. Since she has been training at Kid Power Martial Arts, she is growing up to be a strong individual and a leader in different areas of her life. This program has helped and continues to help my daughter deal with day to day issues, such as bullying, which she had experienced this last year in the 2nd grade.

Briana used the techniques and lessons that she was taught and as a result, the bully left her alone. Now that bully is no longer a bully, but ended up being Briana's friend. The life skills that are being taught are very helpful and encouraging to my daughter. I always recommend this program to other people I know. Since training in the martial arts, my daughter has earned so many academic awards and certificates that I am running out of wall space at home. I thank God for blessing me with a beautiful little girl and a great coach, Coach June. - Rose Sailes

Photo Collage of BrandonBrandon plays multiple sports, and Muay Thai is his favorite by far. He is so proud of what he learns in his Muay Thai class that he demonstrates his newly-acquired skills at home to family members.

Since Brandon started training about a year ago, the development of his physical coordination and strength have also accelerated along with his expanding skill-set in the fundamentals of Muay Thai. He beams with pride when he talks about how many push-ups or jump-rope repetitions he can do, or when training in Karate how many boards he can break with his hand. With increasing mastery of what he is learning at training, Brandon's self-confidence continues to grow.

When Sityodtong LA hosted its After-Thanksgiving-Trainathon, Brandon insisted on completing all four consecutive hours of training. We are so proud of him, not only for doing the training, but for having the internal drive to set high goals and achieve them. Brandon loves training in the martial arts, and we look forward to seeing his continued growth and development. - Bill Chui

Photo Collage of TaylorWe are so proud of our 8 year old daughter, Taylor. Since joining Sityodtong LA, Taylor has really dedicated herself to the whole experience. Lately she wants to eat healthier and constantly shows respect and discipline. Taylor shows our entire family the new techniques she learns at Kid Power Martial Arts and has a positive attitude.

We are so grateful to the entire staff at Sityodtong LA. Everyone is so helpful, kind and really has your best interest in mind. If we would let her, Taylor would love to work out 2 hours a day. She already trains an 1 hour session 4 days a week! The Coaching Staff inspires her to do her best and to not give up. We are so thrilled to be part of Sityodtong and strongly recommend them to Everyone. - Nicole Alix-Garcia :)

Photo Collage of TaylorMy daughter, Sophia, enjoys her training very much and looks Forward to reaching her next goals in Muay Thai and Shaolin Kenpo Karate. She is very proud to be part of the Kid Power Sityodtong Family. - Jarrod Williams

Photo Collage of SophiaSofia has been taking classes at Sityodtong for several years now. Not only has she kept physically active, she has also developed into a confident, thoughtful and responsible person. The training she receives at Sityodtong is greatly responsible for this. She was beaming with pride when she recently received an award for Leadership and she applies this outside of her training. Recently, she overheard someone trying to bully her younger brother and she was able to get the situation under control by talking to the boy and telling us about it. We are grateful to the program for instilling family values such as; self-confidence, discipline and empowerment for life! - Ruby Bugarin

Photo Collage of Brothers Levon and ArthurWe are happy and proud to have our boys Levon, 9 and Arthur, 6 train in Kid Power Martial Arts at Sityongdong LA. Both Levon and Arthur started out as Tiny Tigers at the age of 3. At first we had our sons join the gym as an extracurricular activity. We came to realize that they get so much more than just a workout. We have noticed that my boys have gotten stronger, more confident, and have come to appreciate the art and sport of Muay Thai.

We love how Coach June created a well-rounded kid's program that is disciplined, skilled and filled with fun. My boys not only know and understand that fitness is a major part of their life, they have already made it routinge in their lifestyle. Their favorite class is Muay Thai. Here they learn important defensive as well as offensive techniques to protect themselves should they need to.

For the past two years I have also joined the team at Sityongdong LA. The convenience of me training in the same facility as my children is just awesome! My sons and I look forwad to one day training together. Thank you team Sityongdong LA for being really nice, professional, and friendly!
- Gayane Arutunian

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